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really isn't that bad. they talk of more investments with money we don't have and tell us that's good. it's not. we're not. this whole charade is not. my friend, we live in a councilmember where democrats refused to cut entitlements. republicans so much as look at defense and each continues to lead us down the river. spending money we don't have. and now saying nothing at all about the real conviction we do have. here is the thing, though. just because you stop talking about our bills doesn't make them go away. mo more than it does ignoring bill collectors' calls hoping they go away. they don't. the bills don't. the lasting hit to the collective credit rating don't. you know i'm told this summer, this summer you can walk right past your mailbox on a saturday and not worry, no bills. no mail.
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washington is playing the same game every day. i'm telling you. this country no, chance. more like return to sender. why rand paul is furious and says the tea party will be on a warpath. let's say he is not going meekly and still in the night. republican senator, my special guest, with darryl hannah among those chaining themselves to a fence outside the white house. power packed show tonight on fbn. you don't get it? >> demand it. >> it's shouting at you. >> eric: hello, everybody. i'm eric bolling, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, andrea tantaros and brian kilmeade. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> eric: president obama delivered his fifth "state of the union." the grand entrance by the rockstar in chief, bipartisan bowing and patting each other on the back as they barrel toward armageddon was a spectacle. the president thinks he knows what is best for us. i think he sees himself as a father figure, in a cool way. like this guy. >> i'm a cool dad. that is my bang. >> ♪ we're all in this together ♪ ♪ yes, we are ♪ we're all stars ♪ of something you know it >> eric: sorry, mr. president, that is not how i see it, sir. i can see it like chick bike riding girlie arm dad that whines and nags and whines and nags. >> so let's be clear. common sense reform. minimum wage and our fair share. manufacturered crisis. >> gun violence. >> climate change. immigration reform. >> bob, haven't the american people heard this song enough played over and over and over
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again? >> bob: what happened to you? did you take a big hit of red bull or something? nose spray. that is right. for the last two months you have been a quiet, more self-assuming eric bolling. now you converted right back to it. that open was really fair and balanced. is there anything that obama said you don't think is good for america? >> eric: we were doing the "state of the union" drinking game last night. >> kimberly: who was? >> eric: i was. be fair. it was fair share and other one. >> andrea: you must have been hammered. >> eric: we drank quite a bit. minimum wage, $9. wants 24% increase in minimum wage. >> andrea: which would crush businesses. here is the big disconnect about what the president was saying. two big ones. the disconnect of what he has already done, taking credit for all of these things that he hasn't done.
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lowering healthcare cost, creating jobs. unemployment is higher than it was when he took office. there is a disconnect in what he wants to do. everything he talked about. growing the middle class. bringing in manufacturing. regenerating the american economy. these things sound great. actions tell another story. if you listen to the speech, strengthening government regulations, raising minimum wage. increasing spending, borrowing taxation. nothing on school choice. what he says sounds wonderful. but the details are going to do the opposite. >> eric: he said we can't go from manufacturing crisis to manufacturered crisis. as soon as he said that, wait, $16.5 trillion in debt and spending out of control? we're in a crisis, are we now? >> kimberly: can i say something positive. wonderfully consistent with himself. he was on message. this is what he thinks. he does act like he knows what is best for the country.
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whether we like it or not he will put the policy you through. i like one thing he said last night, about preschool education for children. i like that. >> eric: some good stuff. >> bob: preschool for children, is there any stuff in there you can't agree with? >> kimberly: i just told you he was wonderfully consistent with the policies. he believes it. >> eric: can we talk about the gun violence issues? we need background checks and cut down weapons of war, massive ammunition of magazines. >> brian: i don't think gun control is going anywhere. it will be a nonstarter. universal background checks about nothing else after that. he wants to put it up for a vote. so they might have trouble getting re-elected. >> kimberly: parched.
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>> brian: fantastic. here is the thing. mandatory sleep-away preschool. where did mandatory preschool come from. i never went to preschool. it turned out all right. you know how senator i am. >> bob: what is wrong with prescam for kids? >> brian: we can't afford it. we can't send everybody to -- >> bob: sure we can. >> kimberly: early education is crucial for children. especially kids with special needs. >> eric: so we have minimum wage. he knows that will never pass. >> bob: increase of minimum wage -- not one. >> eric: the gun violence laws he knows they will never pass. >> bob: wrong. >> eric: climate change, that didn't pass. can we now here at this desk call president obama a lame duck president? >> bob: no. a lot will pass.
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i want to see the republicans stand up and be against the senate for manufacturing and gep childhood education. >> andrea: that is the point. that is the trick. that is what he is trying to do. he puts forth these things that sound wonderful. if you oppose them he points the finger and says you hate young kids. you hate kids. >> brian: you're for dirty water. >> andrea: a liberal setup. >> bob: why did republicans back away from tax reform? a bad idea. >> brian: tax reform, i believe in voter reform. 0102-year-old person -- by the way, if 102-year-old person is behind you, can you let them go ahead of you? >> kimberly: what about climate control? >> brian: the last one was tax reform. the other one is immigration. democrat is a key issue.
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marco rubio hit that pretty hard. and he should have. this is something that there is bipartisan support for if it's done the right way. you have to respect the laws on the books. that is the big problem. >> eric: rate the "state of the union" address. >> brian: delivered fantastic. comfortable in front of the camera. i'm in awe of that. but content, i only saw three things that stood out. he sounded like george bush in the end. performance "a." substance "c." >> eric: average of a "b." >> andrea: i give him an "a." i give "a" because the fact he stuck to his principles. it's what he has been saying for four to five years. he ran on this agenda. and he figured i won on this agenda. so i'm going to stay very firmly planted on the left. as far as policy to get us back on track, i don't see anything new here. this is the same speech he
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gave over and over. he did it well. aggressive. >> eric: i give him an "f" for exact reason. the same thing. be clear. 100 times. he goes through the same, same manufacturered things he has done over and over again. that is the state of the last five years. >> eric: that is republicans standing in the way of progress. >> bob: also not willing to put the manufacturing jobs together. republicans are becoming quadrant of the right wingers to stop legislation. the majority of the people approved what he said. a-plus. big a-plus. >> kimberly: all right, well i will give him an a-minus. delivery excellence. i don't like the context. it's different from what i would like. not different from what he says and do. he won. >> eric: where is talk about the food stamp and how we get 48 million people off of food stamps? the population of spain? where is the talk how are we
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going to get household income back where it was when he took office? where is the talk about how he will get the gas prices down because it doubled under obam obama? or take care of al-qaeda. he promised they were on their heels. >> bob: free market guys supposed to take over the rest of it. >> eric: huge controversy over marco rubio's response to the "state of the union." specifically this point here. do we have a video of what he did last might? middle of the speech. he needed -- is this a s.o.t. or v.o.? >> the choice isn't just between big government or big business. >> eric: he wasn't prepared. he was nervous. >> brian: he was on this morning. i thought he was nervous. but the content, he was still good. sometimes you have it and
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sometimes the moment intimidates you a little bit. he was intimidated. but what he said, the way he did it and the president's speech with his narrative was phenomenal. >> andrea: unbelievable. you would have thought marco rubio on the headlines took a bottle and dumped on himself. every headline, marco rubio's drinking problem. marco rubio's dry mouth moment. they ask like white stuff came from his mouth. >> bob: i did in a speech. my bottle of coke was filled with vodka number one. number two, i didn't think the speech was very good. >> andrea: content was excellent. >> kimberly: content was excellent. and in fact i thought his delivery wasn't bad. it had moments. they seized upon it. like looking the wrong way, or bobby jindal had a problem. now the water. he is a winner. >> eric: content is great. loveable guy. the right wants to embrace him as the next probable g.o.p. nominee. my problem is the same thing. dana called it other day and said this is a no-win situation.
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when you do that speech, you follow the president who puts an hour up there, in the chamber and looks great. flags everywhere. you are sitting in a small room for five or six minutes. >> bob: voted against the violence against weapon act -- >> eric: he didn't vote against violence against weapon. he voted against debt bill. >> andrea: on rubio, it did reveal he has work to do. on content i thought he was excellent. no one focuses on what he actually said, which is very, very good. >> kimberly: great when he spoke at the republican convention. >> eric: directly ahead, new developments on the cop killer manhunt. shoot-out between cops and christopher dorner turns in a fire ball in southern california. we have footage of the confrontation. kimberly has it next. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: the manhunt for accused cop killer christopher dorner appears to be over after a terrifying shootout in california big bear mountain. authorities say it may be days before they can confirm that the body found inside the burned cabin is dorner. there is dramatic new video of the standoff yesterday after police closed in on the former lapd officer. >> kimberly: just before the shootout, dorner hijacked a pickup truck from a man and here is his chilling account of the confrontation. >> christopher dorner came out of the snow, out of the trees, and he came up to me with his gun pointed at me. and i stopped my truck, put it in park.
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raised my hand and he said i don't want to hurt you. just get out and start walking up the road an take your dog. he was dressed all in camouflage. he had on a vest, like a ballistic vest. he was dressed for action. >> kimberly: well, this is a harrowing day yesterday as the events unfolded. you saw the amount of fire power with the police moving in on the lapd fugitive. of course, the chilling end to it with the cabin engulfed in flames. now they are going to have to have someone from forensics go in and make positive identification through dental records and something else since the body was badly burned inside the cabin. thoughts about how the lapd and, it was multi-agencies involved in this. >> eric: i want to say yesterday you did a fantastic job summing up. only a couple minutes after they had him pinned down a you went to it, went on a couple different shows and did a great job with it, kimberly. >> kimberly: thanks. >> eric: couple of thoughts. number one, it baffles my mind why charlie beck, the l.a. police chief said he was going
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to reopen the investigation to chris dorner being fired. my concerned is if it was a ploy to lure chris dorner out you may have opened up can of worms for every other nut job that may pull a gun on somebody. i hope that's not what that was. number two, the twitter wackos have made chris dorner a hero. we need to push back on that. he killed innocent people. there is nothing cool about that. >> kimberly: andrea, your thoughts about it? your have been following the story. >> andrea: it wasn't about the la police document. he was killing just regular citizens or taking them hostage. he was so unfocused about what his mission was. i wish now we could have a discussion about mental health in this country. will it take something as sad as this for us to finally for the president, for the left to come together and talk about mental health? i know it's not been a suggest he wanted to talk about? he is clearly sick. another area that the media
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dropped the ball that would have gotten coverage his manifesto. had he been a conservative instead of an msnbc obama loving leftist who did this, by the way, for gun control. >> bob: can i ask you a question? this is a guy obviously as you say has mental problems. yet he went out and bought gu guns, sold guns at a gun store. how does that work? >> andrea: bob, he was shooting up innocent people. you think he was -- >> bob: this is a great case for background checks. >> you don't think mentally ill people can function and purchase weapons? they're not incapacitated, they're just nuts. >> andrea: he would have passed it. >> kimberly: he is military and lapd. he's a cop. >> bob: long history of problems. never have gotten through that. you want to let people buy whatever they want, that's okay. >> kimberly: that is not true. ex-wife and girlfriend. he had a grievance with the lapd. >> brian: if he did not want publicity, if he did not do the manifest to emailing and he did not address the media
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and did not address anderson cooper and did not call the lawyer after he killed his lawyer and the fiance, he could still be out there with a killing machine. instead, he -- he is a sad gorilla fighter and let the carjacker go, let the boat opener go. and the same time go kill a cop in cold blood. i don't understand it. >> kimberly: it's part of his manifesto was against the lapd and uniform officer. he felt he was wronged by the partners, the people he was working with. the supervisor, the former lapd cop's attorney that represented him in the hearing and then he was discharged. he felt like everybody let him down and wrongly accused. i'm just saying what he -- >> bob: does anybody know how the fire started? >> kimberly: tear gas. they threw canisters in. i thought they were going to flash bang and throw them to get him out. that is what they did. >> andrea: you got that right. you called it yesterday. exactly how it went down.
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>> bob: does tear gas ignite in that? >> kimberly: in an old cabin. big bear, if you have been in those cabins they can go up in flames quickly. the cops did. that's why we were talking yesterday. >> eric: is anybody in the back of their mind wondering whether or not that was chris dorner in there? hard to leave a d.l. -- >> brian: the wallet was found on the body. >> eric: and? >> brian: he is a distinctive guy. >> kimberly: they found a driver's license with his name on it, if it was his own or original. but they have to confirm it through forensics. >> bob: you think he burped his way out from underneath? >> eric: he may have. >> brian: he did try to get out at one point and went back in. >> kimberly: but they were checking to see, they had aerial shots as well to see if anybody exited after the fire started. they said no one had. so that's why they have to confirm it. i wouldn't surprised about anything. >> brian: what about the fact he set up camp across from the commander center where the media was. he wanted one more huge
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killing. he was going to head over there. >> andrea: he was, as fox news adam housley pointed out today he was set up just feet away from where the media was trying to stake out the story. >> kimberly: you bring up a great point. there is big criticism here where law enforcement handled this. they called back the resources. they had the manpower out there. they said we don't think he is in big bear in the area anymore. they didn't they do welfare check door to door. they would have found him and the two people held hostage. >> you can't believe this is about the grievance toward the lapd when he would go after innocent people as well. >> kimberly: no. that is why he is obviously suffering from me tall illness. >> eric: he only killed people who were involved in his case or cops. he let the carjack people go. >> andrea: he broke in the second cabin. >> kimberly: behavior is not rational. >> eric: does anybody think he took ash wednesday too seriously? that was a joke.
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>> kimberly: sorry for anything and everything. survivors of the 2009 fort hood islamic terror attack are blasting president obama. why are some of the heroes unhappy with them? you will hear from one of them. that's next on "the five."
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it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. ♪ ♪ >> brian: a guest of president obama's "state of the union" address three years ago. helped take down terrorists whistswho take down terrorist at fort hood. they confronted major hasan
2:29 pm
who is still on trial and getting paid. she says the president promised her that she and other victims would receive the best care and support. what about a medal? today, she is out of a job and feels like the president did not keep his word. >> not in the least little bit has the victims been taken care of. in fact, they have been neglected badly. >> so the president's promise was not fulfilled? >> no. >> if i were to see him again, again, it's not about me, but i would beg him to please take care of -- >> brian: it is staggering to me, kimberly, that she is still having the problems and can't get recognized. what about the purple heart for the would she got? it's workplace violence, they say it's not a terrorist attack. >> kimberly: bob?
2:30 pm
>> bob: she is not in the military. they don't give purple hearts to people who are not in the military. she is a private contractor firm. she dade great job, but she can't get a purple heart. >> kimberly: but there should be recognition. >> eric: terrorist shooting -- >> kimberly: if you label i it -- >> declare major hasan a foreign terrorist, then the purple heart option is on the table. >> brian: go back to kimberly, kimbo, k.g. >> kimberly: you can call me bob. separated at birth. what can i say. this is something i feel strongly about. when we turn our backs on americans, on a hero like this, because there is cowardess in the administration, call it what it is, why wouldn't you say that this is an attack by a terrorist? why wouldn't you? what is the reasoning and excuse besides say he is on trial and i don't want to interrupt it. i don't see how legally there will be an impact. >> eric: i agree. it should be a terrorist attack. give me a break.
2:31 pm
this guy prayed to al-awlaki and wherever. this was a terrorist attack. fine, if you don't want to call it that, workplace violence. fine. obama is prolific on promises and serial disappointer coming through with what he says. he promised the victims he would take care of them. he promised the bin laden shooter he would take care of people coming back from war, saying i got your back. if you come back we take care of you. >> bob: he did what he said he would do. >> eric: looking for a job -- >> bob: he will get $1 million -- [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: he is not going to. >> bob: give her enormous credit for being as brave as she was. this is the fact. she got laid off on her job and the contractor police force she worked for there. waited three years to come out with the complaint. nobody else who got hurt -- >> andrea: that is not -- bob, there is a guy named sean manning claims he still has bullets lodged in his body, because of this attack. hold on. he has lost benefits. he has had a lower priority of
2:32 pm
medical care. i wonder, bob, i wonder if the president would have used a drone on major hasan. back to point of tis connect, he was an american. the president, you know, he -- he did get al-awlaki with a drone. but this san american and comes out the week after he talks about killing americans -- >> bob: the guy that everybody is -- >> kimberly: convenient labeling. that is the problem. >> bob: this woman, she is brave and all that, you take one example of someone late coming to the stage on this thing. who has been laid off of her job. >> brian: there is outrage at fort hood the way that the president handled this. president bush beat him to that. showed up and went to fort hood to talk to those wounded. here is the thing. what i don't understand the way we kiss his butt that took out the people, number one. number two, the fact he is still getting paid today as a regular salary for an officer. >> kimberly: if that isn't encouraging someone to go --
2:33 pm
don't worry, we'll call it workplace violence, achery argument at the coke machine instead of act of terrorist. >> bob: this that is a rule of the military. change them. change it. >> eric: fine. what about taking care of heros? and take care of this person who was involved in saving lives? >> kimberly: shameful. >> eric: what about the bin laden shooter who saved the country tens of billions of dollars. tens of billions of dollars. >> bob: he said he didn't have healthcare and he did. >> brian: jack lew wants to be next treasury secretary. sit down for questioning. is out kay to have the cayman island accounts? number one. number two, what were you doing in the recession that lasted so long? number three, who was the chief of staff, where was the president and was he interested to find out information when the benghazi attack was going on? here is the interchange with jack lew and the senator. >> john brennan testified yesterday that it wasn't him.
2:34 pm
secretary panetta said it wasn't him. acting dci said it wasn't him. ambassador kennedy said it wasn't him. let me ask you again. who briefed the president on actually what was happening throughout this seven-hour period? >> well, in the conversation, that i was in, the national security staff was present. some of the people -- >> brennan had been included that? >> you are asking who did a briefing? that is different than who is in the conversation? >> brian: i am so confused. that's like trying to find out why you are getting a "d" in the subject. just answer the question. it doesn't seem like to president was curious yet and anyone saying i briefed the president. he called me over and over again and i called over to the secretary of defense. >> kimberly: that is called a coverup. two things. maybe not that interested. and not giving all the information. somebody is not telling the
2:35 pm
truth. >> andrea: i don't know if it's enough to stop the nomination. the biggest news came when secretary panetta and dempsey said they briefed him once and the president did not follow up. you would think if your house was attacked, if americans were under attack, do you follow up to see maybe i don't know how it turned out? he didn't follow up to see what happened. >> bob: we didn't listen to the rest of lew's testimony. it was equally as evasive. he got through the whole set of questions and never did say in the end who did the briefing. my guess is the national security council, maybe tom donilon did it, but somebody ought to come up with a name. it ain't that hard. >> kimberly: thank you. >> bob: unfair and balanced. >> brian: he will be secretary treasury. he has a cayman island account. >> kimberly: i feel left out. >> andrea: the president, lew is the guy behind pushing the sub prime mortgages. >> brian: i can't get yelled
2:36 pm
at anymore. i have to go. the clock is ticking. few hours left until valentine's day. my favorite holiday. no pressure, guys. want advice on what to get your loved one? andrea went out and got tips for us. valentine's day dos and don'ts only on "the five." take them as your own. ♪ ♪
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i'm bret baier in washington. big story here, problems for some of the president's picks to keep position in the second term. tonight on "special report," breaking news. general john allen is said to be out as nominee for nato supreme commander, europe. allen's nomination was put on hold in an investigation in the e-mail exchanges with the tampa socialite. even though he was cleared of wrongdoing, source tells fox
2:41 pm
news that he is no longer being considered. jack lew had to answer questions about his personal finances. as he tries to nail down the job of treasury secretary. he was also grilled today about what happened the night of the benghazi terror attack. "state of the union" address, president calling for infrastructure and education. marco rubio gave the president response and said the president is obsessed with tax increases. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> andrea: tomorrow is valentine's day. tricky holiday. some love it, some hate it. hard to find the perfect thing to do. i asked folks in new york city
2:42 pm
about their dos and don'ts for valentine's day. >> be in touch with their significant other. you know, know their likes and dislikes. >> don't be late to dinner. >> do not not send something. >> don't ignore your wife. >> happy wife, happy life. >> go out with the boys. >> don't do what you think is right. do what she thinks is right. >> do you like valentine's day? >> i love valentine's day. >> what should a guy never do? >> get a gift card. >> how is your husband on valentine's day? >> he is very romantic. >> lingerie, yea or nay? >> yes. >> if there is♪ wauh, wauh that is good, too. >> yeah. >> kimberly: my goodness. >> eric: what was that? >> kimberly: someone had to practice doing that. >> andrea: every time i asked the men what they wanted, every time i asked the
2:43 pm
guys what they want for valentine's day, they all gave the sort of awkward, rosy face grin and then they were quiet and giggle well, i don't know if i can say it on the air. >> bob: a wrench. >> andrea: tool set. yes, robert. do you like to holiday? >> bob: no. for example, last night, i started with my daughter. my first valentine. then i was on the phone for two hours with 2010 flowers to fill out the rest of my valentine's gifts. >> bob: how many do you have? 25. >> andrea: 25 valentine's? >> bob: yeah. but only one rose. did you buy something for all of your husbands? must be costly. >> brian: my goodness. >> kimberly: i'm not married right now. so i don't have husbands. >> bob: you get a lot of things. get a volume discount? >> kimberly: for the ladies that are watching, you sent the one single rose to. >> bob: i sent a teddy bear,
2:44 pm
too. >> andrea: do you like the holiday? >> kimberly: i do. i love chocolate. i love the color red. i think it's a nice reason to tell the other person that you are significant other -- >> brian: that is the most benign answer you can give. >> kimberly: it is nice. >> brian: here is what i got. guys, write this down. it's cold out. she gets up early. so i did what every guy who is thoughtful and caring would do. i got her an automatic car starter so she can open -- start the car from the door. >> andrea: that is actually very -- >> bob: that is so romantic. >> brian: every day, she will -- >> kimberly: automotive, of course. did you listen? get her what she wants. not what you want. >> brian: high five. you like it. >> andrea: trying to give your wife something she needs, warm car in the morning. awesome. >> kimberly: brian, why don't you get out of bed and go start it.
2:45 pm
>> brian: i'm out at bed at 2:30, young lady. >> kimberly: slacker. >> eric: honey, if you're. turn the volume down or go out of the room. right now. go away. ready? >> brian: she is watching "friends." >> eric: are you kidding? i got her the four-foot bear. >> brian: you did? >> andrea: the one we advertise on the network? >> eric: yeah. i swear to god. i got her that. >> andrea: my dos and don' don'ts. >> bob: what did you get your boyfriend? >> andrea: i'm not going to tell. don't forget. don't forget the holiday. don't buy chocolate from a drugstore. don't buy wilted flowers. if they're brown, put them down. don't buy lingerie that says one size fids all. don't buy it if you barely know the woman. get a card. women love cards. right? they love to see the written word. >> bob: i said the same thing. >> andrea: make her dinner if you can't afford it and get something she likes.
2:46 pm
democrat is sweet. just get a card. even if you can't buy a gift. it's awesome. >> bob: i should have thought about that. i don't know their addresses. >> kimberly: did i get a rose? >> bob: you did. >> andrea: we are looking out for roses and bears from bob. coming up, the first day of lent. a time that many people give up indulgence between now and easter. anybody think bob stands a fighting chance to give up something for 40 days and 40 nights? we'll see. next on "the five." ♪ ♪ i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock.
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>> eric: i won't, for 40 days. >> yeah, right. >> bob: you are not catholic. >> andrea: right. >> bob: are you giving up anything? >> andrea: giving up fighting with you, but no. >> bob: that wouldn't be fun. brian, you are catholic, right? >> brian: yeah. i know the word "sacrifice." i have decided, now letting everyone know. this is an exclusive who wants to claim it. >> kimberly: fox news alert. >> brian: i am going to not appear on the o'really factor for 40 days and 40 nights. >> kimberly: like you have been asked. you were on one time. culture war yore thing. >> brian: highlight of my life. >> bob: what are you going to give up? sorry, what are you going to
2:52 pm
give up? >> kimberly: i am going to give up, no, i was going to say salami but i love it too much. my favorite thing to eat. >> bob: what are you going to give up? >> kimberly: dark chocolate. >> bob: can i ask you a question. why do you have no meat on friday? when i grew up the reason i don't like fish today i had to eat fish sticks in public school every friday. >> eric: do you know fasting is one of the most holy things you can do in the catholic religion? >> bob: why friday only? >> eric: representation of -- >> kimberly: you don't meat anyway. you are slightly anorexic. >> andrea: i know you don't give anything up, but what do you think you could give up? >> brian: that would really be a sacrifice. >> bob: a sacrifice. you know me. >> kimberly: women, and betting. he'd be cranky. >> bob: women and bed wetting? >> kimberly: women and betting. >> eric: what about the
2:53 pm
cigars? >> bob: i can't do that. i'm not a catholic. we're prod stant. >> eric: shouldn't you have solidarity with the fellow catholics. >> kimberly: see bob wants to argue about -- >> andrea: i will say this. robert, you have given up enough in your life. >> bob: that is right. given up booze and drugs. >> eric: logic. >> bob: that was because of the drugs and alcohol did that. >> kimberly: the poor man, god bless him. he could be in jail or dead. >> bob: i was in jail. but i'm out of it now. one more thing. this is dedicated to you. is next. ♪ ♪ in ameri today we're running out of a vital resource we need to compete on the global stage.
2:54 pm
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i'm here to pick up some cacti. it should be under stephens.
2:57 pm
the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. ♪ ♪ >> eric: all right. i'll kick this off today because i dug up an old video of bob when he was a little wee boy. apparently he changed his name from john to bob, but the video explains bob's true roots can be traced back to this young age. watch. >> john, what are you eating? you didn't eat anything? >> yeah. >> john, look at mommy. >> anything. >> can you explain to me why
2:58 pm
the sprinkles are empty? >> well, they're not empty. >> look at me. >> they're not empty. >> did you eat the sprinkles? >> no. >> eric: not me. not me. >> bob: very good. >> eric: banana fanna ange.? >> andrea: been a nan n joe. the westminster west in show was an pincer named banana joe. at the 137th westminster kennel club dog show yesterday. i think we have footal of the little guy. >> bob: great looking dog. >> eric: he's a good boy. >> andrea: my favorite best of show is the beagle named uno that shep had on his show. >> bob: this is the first show we haven't mentioned a certain dog -- >> kimberly: jasper. bob you blew it -- >> bob: you blew it.
2:59 pm
>> eric: kim slice. >> kimberly: these names are interesting and provocative. this is quistville. by gavin newsome, the governor of california and ex-husband. >> bob: first husband. do you have a library of books like that? >> kimberly: this is a good book and has a great passage from president clinton in it and the whole idea of how technology bringing government and getting citizens involved and using smart technology to make daily lives better. smarter governor, more efficient. >> eric: heartthrob bob is up. >> bob: on sunday night, the national geographic channel is running a movie based on bill o'reilly's book "killing lincoln." my brother graham is one of the starring roles in that movie. i'm proud of him. i think he will do great. i shouldn't say watch it, because you're supposed to be watching fox but watch it.

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